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Curse of Former Dongho's Wife Again Discussed, Weighing into a Single Mother

Curse of Former Dongho's Wife Again Discussed, Weighing into a Single Mother - Dongho, former boy band member U-KISS, didn't have any news. But suddenly, Thursday (09/20/2018), he was reportedly divorced from the woman he married last November.

Dongho also gave his official statement. He explained that initially he did not want his divorce to be known to many people for the sake of his ex-wife and son. But because after all he is a public figure, the news of his divorce is now the talk of many people.

What is also being discussed is the curse of Dongho's ex-wife on social media. FYI, many have suspected something was wrong with Dongho's marriage after his ex-wife deleted the photo of the 24-year-old man from his social media.

1. Sue the Former Wife

Reported from Allkpop, fans have thought that Dongho and his wife (we just call it A, because his name has never been published) since last July. A often confide in social media about the weight of caring for a child including feeling tired and depressed.

'I'm like this because of stress, so writing like that is the first time in my life. I received a lot of support and strength. I can't answer one by one but thank you very much, 'he said on Social Media.

Another gesture from A is: 'Very heavy life every day, making many reasons to survive. Lately, I tried not to get tired of reality and I woke up again. I promise to protect you. '

A also once told how proud he was with the son named Asher. 'My child is very cool. It's not easy to raise children alone, but it's still a happy day because I can have fun with my son. '

Is this the code for the first time if A and Dongho's relationship has long been turbulent?

2. Already Complete Divorce Affairs

Currently, Dongho has solved the matter of divorce affairs and is just waiting for a decision about his child custody. He also revealed that divorce is a joint decision because they both feel personality differences.

"Helo. I apologize for making a lot of people worried because of today's news. I actually want to go through this secretly for the good of my son and his mother, but the news actually becomes a headline. This is not something I want to change at length, but we decided to divorce because of personality differences. We have completed all the divorce requirements through mutual agreement, "Dongho wrote via his Facebook account, Thursday (9/20).

3. Stay Responsible in Children

Despite choosing to separate from his wife, Dongho and the former will still be responsible for their only son. Despite being young, Dongho and his ex-wife had a lot of discussion before finally deciding to divorce.

"The decision (divorce) was made after many discussions and worries. Because I separated from the mother of my child not because of a bad relationship, we will still be responsible as parents of the child until the end and even if our marriage has ended," added Dongho.

Players 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' Get Holiday Gifts to the Philippines

Players 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' Get Holiday Gifts to the Philippines - My ID is Gangnam Beauty is one of the most talked about dramas this year. In addition to the stories that make it anxious and baper, the players also suddenly become favorites of drama lovers. Yep, Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eunwoo, Jo Woo Ri, until Kwak Dong Yeon is now increasingly known by fans.

Im Soo Hyang and friends have worked hard during filming and for it all paid. The drama that finished last week got a high rating, unexpectedly many people. The last episode of My ID is Gangnam Beauty almost got a rating of almost 6% which included high for cable television.

Besides getting a high rating and stealing the hearts of many spectators, the players and staff of My ID is Gangnam Beauty also have another happiness. Yep, they can reward in the form of free vacations.

1. Departing Next October

According to a TV Report report as reported by Allkpop on Thursday (09/20/2018), the My ID is Gangnam Beauty players and crew will vacation together to Cebu, Philippines, for five days and four nights. They are scheduled to leave on October 19.

"Holiday gifts are postponed because of the busyness of the artists. But most will come," said the insider from the drama.

There is no information yet whether the main players are all involved or not. But hopefully they can come along so that they can enjoy the hard work during shooting.

2. Crying When Watching the Last Episode

On the day My ID is Gangnam Beauty finished, players and drama staff not only held dinner but also watched with the last episode. When the drama (really) ends, Im Soo Hyang can't hold back her tears.

As the main character, it seems Im Soo Hyang was very emotional because the drama was well received by the audience. Eunwoo as the opponent then asks if Soo Hyang is alright. Eunwoo then hugs Kang Mirae's cast to calm him down.

Jo Woo Ri, the antagonist actress in this drama also joined in hugging Eunwoo and Im Soo Hyang. All of the drama's players are very close.

3. Problem Kiss Scene

Im Soo Hyang had time to tell what happened when he was shooting a kiss scene with Cha Eunwoo. This is the result of a question from one of the fans in the comment column on V Live.

"We shot the kiss scene very long. The shooting was until 4 or 5 in the morning. It was really hard because I was tired and sleepy," said Im Soo Hyang as quoted by Soompi.

"At that time, I didn't sleep a few nights, so my face was swollen. I should have shown a more beautiful appearance, so I'm sorry and sorry," he continued.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pamper Fans, Chanyeol releases his solo song 'Hand' on Soundcloud

Pamper Fans, Chanyeol releases his solo song 'Hand' on Soundcloud - EXO some time ago completed the "EXO PLANET # 4 - The ElyXiOn in Seoul" concert tour. In each concert, each member was given the chance to showcase their solo skills.

One of them is Chanyeol who performed the song "Hand". Interestingly, now fans who don't have the opportunity to watch the concert can hear Chanyeol's melodious voice on the song.

The reason is that recently, Chanyeol spoiled fans by releasing digital song "Hand". The rap song with the lyrics of hope can hold someone's hand if given the opportunity to be heard through the Soundcloud music platform.

On the other hand, Chanyeol also previously presented new songs through the music project "STATION X 0". The star of the drama "Missing 9" with Sehun released a song called "We Young".

Meanwhile, Chanyeol and other EXO members are currently preparing for a comeback in the second half of 2018. Although the song details and date of release have not been ascertained, Suho cs some time ago was said to have started filming the MV.

IU Post Video Suspected of Shooting the Comeback MV, Fans Are More Patient

IU Post Video Suspected of Shooting the Comeback MV, Fans Are More Patient - This year IU celebrated its 10th anniversary debut in the Korean music industry. The "Palette" singer in the near future is rumored to be coming back soon.

Not long ago, IU posted a black and white video that showed him dancing between rows of spectators. The star's drama "My Ajusshi" was allegedly taken during the shooting of the comeback MV.

This IU post was immediately crowded with netter comments. Many claim to be increasingly impatient to listen to the latest songs through the "Through the Night" singer.

"I can't wait for your comeback," wrote a netter. "This filming of the comeback MV isn't it? Wow, it's getting more patient," added another netter. "I hope this is for filming the MV. We look forward to welcoming you IU-ah," added the other netter.

Meanwhile, IU will certainly hold a concert tour titled "Dlwlrma" from October to December. Interestingly not only in South Korea, the 1993-born idol concert tour was also held in several countries ranging from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand to Taiwan.

Chanmi AOA Open a Personal YouTube Channel, Subscribed?

Chanmi AOA Open a Personal YouTube Channel, Subscribed? - YouTube is one of the social media that is now in great demand by the public. Even Korean idols have built their own YouTube channel. Call it Amber f (x), Sandara Park and Bomi A Pink that entertain fans with various content on their accounts.

Apparently, Chanmi AOA also joined the series of celebrities. On Friday (9/21) yesterday, FNC Entertainment announced this via their official Twitter account. The beautiful idol channel is named likeChami.

There is one video uploaded on Chanmi's channel. He seemed to introduce the channel. Chanmi said that through the channel, she would give many tips on daily life and beauty.

"Hello, everyone! I'm Chanmi from like Chanhan," he said a little confused. "On likeChanmi, I will show you tips on daily life and beauty that make you curious about girl groups. I will also take you backstage.

Until this news was released, Chanmi already had around 5,500 subscribers. His first video was watched around 18,000 times.

On the other hand, AOA has made a comeback through their new mini album "Bingle Bangle" at the end of last May. Jimin cs also held a fan meeting entitled "2018 AOA T (W) O ELVIS FAN MEETING".

SNSD's Sooyoung and Hyoyeon appeared on the MV Solo Tiffany Trailer "Teach You"

SNSD's Sooyoung and Hyoyeon appeared on the MV Solo Tiffany Trailer "Teach You" - Two SNSD personnel, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon appeared in Tiffany Young's latest music video trailer.

'Teach You' is the second song title that will be released by Tiffany since her solo debut in the United States with the first song 'Over My Skin'.

Different from the first trailer, in this second trailer video we can see performances by Sooyoung and Hyoyeon.

In the video Sooyoung and Hyoyeon acted as Tiffany's friends, who gave advice to her about her lover.

Besides the two SNSD members, comedian Kwon Hyuk Soo also appeared as Tiffany's boyfriend. Both had worked together when Tiffany starred in the "Korean SNL" program in 2016 ago.

The new "Teach You" music video will be released on September 28 next week. (

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